Top best thing to do in Hue Viet Nam

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Jul 15, 2021 (UTC +04:00)

Hue is a city that you will like if you enjoy both history and Vietnamese cuisine. Discover the top of the best things to do in Hue for first-time visitors.

Visit the Tombs of the Ancient Emperors

Since this place used to be the capital of Vietnam in the 19th century, one of the big draws in Hue is the tombs of the Ancient Emperors. This is also the main reason why so many visitors travel here every year. Anyone interested in ancient architecture and history needs to visit the tombs built in honour of the famous emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty, the last dynasty of Vietnam.

Visit the Tombs of the Ancient Emperors

The tombs mostly date from the 19th and 20th centuries and are carved to tell the stories of Buddhist legends. There are 13 kings under Nguyen Dynasty, but only 7 Tombs were built. Some of the main tombs not to miss include the Tomb of Tu Duc, the Tomb of Minh Mang, and Khai Dinh’s Tomb.

Walk along the Perfume River

The Perfume River is one of the most famous waterways in Vietnam and Hue is the perfect place to take it all in. There is a delightful waterfront promenade along the banks of the river and this makes a great place to come for a scenic walk in the evenings. If you want to get a closer look at the river, you can rent a paddleboat or opt for an elegant dinner cruise.

Visit the Imperial Citadel

The Imperial Citadel in Hue would have been the previous center of the government and is made up of a vast complex.

Visit the Imperial Citadel

When you walk around you can admire the moats, carved gates and royal pavilions, and there is also a clutch of engaging museums on the grounds. If you like Vietnamese costumes, textiles and art then you should not skip the main galleries here. Make sure that you spend about half a day to total explore all the corner in Hue Imperial Citadel. You can learn a lot about Vietnam’s history, and relive the royalty life as Nguyen Emperors in the 19th century.

Admire the Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda is amongst the most famous pagoda in Vietnam, and the top travel destinations that shouldn’t miss when visiting Hue. This temple sits overlooking the Perfume River and is known for its gold and silver images of the Buddha.

Admire the Thien Mu Pagoda

The pagoda is the official symbol of Hue and you can take in beautiful views over the city from this spot. Other highlights to look out for inside include a huge bell that was cast in 1710 as well as a stone turtle that dates from the 17th century and holds a marble stele.

Cycle around the city

Hue is often said to be one of the nicest cities in Vietnam to cycling around.

You will find far less traffic here than in other parts of the country. You can also cycle along the lush banks of the Huong River and visit all the key attractions for which Hue is famous. Cycling around Hue city is a very relaxing experience if you need to take a break from city’s hustle and bustle lifestyle.

You can either just rent a bike and go it alone, or you can also join a dedicated cycling tour with a guide that will take you around Hue or out into the surrounding countryside.

Sunbathe on Thuan An Beach

Around 14 kilometres outside of Hue is Thuan An Beach, so if you fancy some sea and sun then this is the spot for you. Part of the Phu Van District, Thuan An Beach consists of a long strip of fluffy sand and many locals claim that this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

Explore Hue cuisine

Hue is often said to have some of the best food in Vietnam and with that in mind, you need to make sure that you sample all the delights on a trip here. You should try plenty of famous dishes such as Hue Beef Noodle, Hue traditional cakes, Nam Pho Noodle, and various types of sweet soup.

Explore Hue cuisine

As Hue was once one of the most important royal cities in Vietnam, it was also one of the premium producers of famed Imperial Banquets. Many restaurants all over town still serve these in the traditional style and you can sit down and enjoy a meal that unfolds over multiple courses.

If you're looking for a sweet treat in the city, be sure to try the local sweets made with sesame seeds. This can also be an ideal souvenir for tourists after their Hue tour. Be careful because you can become addicted to these tempting dishes. In addition, to ensure safety when traveling in Hue, Vietnam, visitors should choose more Vietnam travel insurance when visiting this country.