Travelner – Vietnam travel brand dedicated to Vietnamese

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Apr 21, 2022 (UTC +04:00)

As a Vietnamese travel brand founded by a young passionate Vietnamese, the online travel agency Travelner is marked by a variety of services, aiming to encourage the recovery of Vietnamese tourism

Following the trend of global digital transformation, Vietnam's tourism industry is also gradually transforming to provide smart and convenient services that meet the increasing needs of global tourists. One of them is online platforms that allow booking flight tickets, hotel rooms...anytime, anywhere right on smart devices without having to do direct transactions in the traditional way.

So, among countless highly-rated online services, how does a fledgling Vietnamese travel brand as Travelner shines in the country's tourism industry?

An online travel agent with diverse and convenient products

Travelner is a Vietnamese travel brand created by a young passionate Vietnamese. Therefore, this online travel agency easily meets most of the needs of Vietnamese consumers with a deep understanding of the domestic market.

Travelner is a Vietnam travel brand dedicated to Vietnamese

Travelner is a Vietnam travel brand dedicated to Vietnamese

With a simple and easy-to-follow interface, information about the services provided by Travelner is publicly displayed on their official website. Travelers can easily access this information through the website or the Travelner mobile app.

This agent also supports users with fast, convenient, and diverse payment processes when working with many reputable payment partners around the world. In addition, the extensive network of airline and accommodation partners also gives travelers a variety of choices about flights, hotels, resorts, etc.

In addition to the usual services such as booking air tickets and hotel rooms, Travelner also focuses on international travel insurance packages that include costs related to COVID-19, travel combos, car rental, airport transfer, ticket exchange support, visa advice, reward points, etc. for visitors to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

In the future, this Vietnamese-branded travel company will promote special promotions for the Vietnamese market and many activities to promote and introduce unique local cultural features for international visitors.

Breakthrough solutions to encourage Vietnam tourism by Vietnamese-branded tourism company

Online platforms are also one of effective solutions to boost tourism demand, whilst Vietnam's tourism is still recovering and developing due to the heavy impact of the COVID-19 pandemic because these services always attract a high amount of traffic with diverse utilities and attractive offers.

In this regard, Travelner cooperates with transportation, travel, and accommodation partners to bring safe and attractive tourism products to domestic and international tourists, thereby promoting tourism in Vietnam.

In addition, the company also promotes local tourism images in international newspapers and introduces many promotions to encourage global tourists to visit Vietnam. The necessary information for the trip such as quarantine regulations, COVID-19 pandemic situation at the destination, entry requirements, famous places to visit, eat and drink locally, etc. is also supported by Travelner so that international tourists are able to travel to Vietnam with peace of mind.

Travelner CEO - Mr. Jimmy Lee - at the seminar Impressive Vietnam

Travelner CEO - Mr. Jimmy Lee - at the seminar Impressive Vietnam

In addition, the company also participates in events to stimulate Vietnamese tourism such as the seminar "Vietnam tourism safely opens" in Phu Quoc in November, 2021 and "Impressive Vietnam" seminar on 18 March, 2022 in Hoi An. At these seminar, Travelner leaders presented the diverse services that this Vietnamese travel brand is providing, along with many ways to promote products in international markets to attract tourists to Vietnam.

According to Mr. Jimmy Lee - CEO of Travelner, the application of information technology in the recovering period of tourism industry is very important for the company in particular and for Vietnamese tourism in general. He hopes that with a Vietnamese-branded travel agency like Travelner, customers can easily find transparent information about flights, tours, accommodations, and at the same time understand the quality and cost of each service.