When can I claim on my Cayman travel insurance?

It is recommended that you submit your claim as soon as possible. However, in accordance with regulations, medical expenses must be refunded and paid within 90 days of the client acquiring the certificate of injury or treatment costs.
(Certificates issued by hospitals and medical facilities, etc.)
Oct 06, 2022 (UTC +04:00)

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Can I change my flight if I bought Cayman Islands travel insurance?

Yes, some travel insurance policies will cover an airline-imposed reissue fee in the event you must reschedule your trip for a covered reason.
Under the Trip Cancellation benefit of travel insurance, some policies will reimburse you for the reissue fee charged by the airline.
To avoid undesirable misunderstandings, you should carefully review the information on the insurance policy terms.

Oct 12, 2022

How long does Cayman travel insurance last for?

You can choose the beginning and finishing times of your scheduled journey based on your trips. To maximize your advantages throughout the trip as well as the risks that may occur during the vacation, the start and end periods of the insurance policy will usually be at the same time as your trip.
If customers need to purchase insurance for a trip extending more than 60 days, please contact Travelner via direct line at +1 949 864 6017 or [email protected]

Oct 12, 2022

Do I need travel insurance to go to Cayman Islands?

Yes, the Cayman Islands requires travelers to purchase travel insurance. Ensure you have your insurance on hand when you arrive at the airport because you'll need to provide proof. Medical expenses, vacation cancellations, and lost luggage are all covered by travel insurance.

Oct 12, 2022

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