Travel to France and what you need to know

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Aug 24, 2022 (UTC +04:00)

France is famous not only for its magnificent Paris fashion capital and the traditional baguette but also for being the largest country in Western Europe with a longstanding history. With 45 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites and vast tourism potential, “travel to France” is quickly becoming a trendy issue for travelers this summer vacation.

France - The ideal place to visit in summer 2022

France - The ideal place to visit in summer 2022.

How much is the cost of the trip to Paris?

When you travel to France, it is critical to consider travel expenses, particularly airfares. Airfares to France vary by region, depending on the class of tickets chosen by tourists. To save money when traveling to France, you should avoid the peak tourist seasons from May to September and plan a flight schedule from 4 to 5 months before in order to catch the low-cost airfares.

A hotel in Paris depends on the area, furnishings, quality, and services it offers; it may be pricey or inexpensive. However, you can find a small but fully equipped homestay or hostel for as little as 18 USD to 21.5 USD/night, so the cost of trip to Paris will be cut off a bit then.

Other expenses, such as dining, shopping, or sightseeing, will be determined by your budget as well as the cost of each location. As a result, you should carefully plan your finances in order to minimize the cost of trip to Paris.

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What are the specialties in French culture?

To begin with, language has long been used as a yardstick to assess each country’s traditions and cultures. French is derived from colloquial Latin, combined with Greek to form its alphabet. Today, French is one of the top five most spoken languages in the world, it appears in nearly 70 countries, and approximately 45 percent of English vocabulary is derived from French. It is regarded as the most elegant language in the world due to its particular pronunciation and extensive vocabulary. You should better prepare a few common Greetings and Expressions in French as a way to respect the native speakers when you travel to France.

France - Most romantic language in the world

France - Most romantic language in the world.

Referring to French culture, Literature is another angle that should not be missed out. From the Middle Ages to the Literary of Light,... France has massive outstanding literary works and a diverse range of novels, thanks to famous authors such as Rabelais, Victor Hugo, and Fontenelle. A large percentage of the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded for Realism and Romance.

France owns its huge number of literature

France owns its huge number of literature

Last, if you adore Paris' incredible splendor, French architecture will not let you down. It is always bold with classicism, pointed arches and roofs, large and colorful windows, and Gothic style, a common feature of French culture. Tall towers were built above the tops, and reliefs were decorated in front of the door. Whenever you travel to France, remember to visit the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral, both of which are examples of famous Gothic architecture.

Eiffel Tower - the symbol of Gothic architecture

Eiffel Tower - the symbol of Gothic architecture

Why is French food culture attractive?

French dishes frequently make use of expensive ingredients. Whenever you travel to France, please notice the extremely delicate arrangement of dishes; the plates are 1 to 2cm from the edge of the table, and the use of clear and light glass cups is prioritized. Knives, spoons, and forks will be arranged professionally. French cuisine is also highly diverse, with traditional dishes, including

Foie Gras is the top dish you must try for the first time in France. The fattened liver will be powdered and lightly fried for a few minutes after being cut into small squares. They are then scanned and turned into patés. It generally has a vaguely typical taste compared to liver pate though its texture is much softer and delicate. This kind of French food culture is an expensive dish served in high-end restaurants.

Foie gras - one of the most elite food

Foie gras - one of the most elite food

Another most authentic French food culture is the baguette. To power up for a long day at work, the French traditionally eat baguettes spread with butter or paté with a glass of hot chocolate in the morning. Moreover, aside from baguettes, you will have an opportunity to enjoy those other kinds of bread such as Flute, Ficelle, or Bâtard when coming to France.

Baguette - traditional French bread

Baguette - traditional French bread

This is the general information for those who want to travel to France. Don't forget to access our Travel blog to update our latest news.

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